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An open source spatial dictionary recording the different sections of everyday life.

Melis Varkal, Tuba Doğu


Yiğithan Akçay, Ferya Alkan, Gökçe Çakır, Süleyman Burçak Çıkıkçı, Gülsüm Katmer, Yağmur Morçiçek, Ilgım Tur, Esmanur Yavuz ve Tubanur Yavuz

Urban Components is an open source archieve that aims to record the spaces of everyday life with reference to different scales. This archieve, which can also be defined as a spatial dictionary containing multiple and multi-layered concepts, aims to create a digital platform that allows users to create content while also skimming through the existing contents. 


With reference to these general objectives, the workshop, which took place in a total of four sessions, was a pilot start of the project and provided us with an environment to develop an idea about the feasibility of the target.


The title of “Component”, which also gives its name to the project, corresponds to two expansions specific to the research. The first of these is to document the concepts that planning, architecture and design fields frequently refer to in the discussions at urban scale, to scan the operational, spatial and perceptual equivalents of these concepts and to reveal them through user experience.

Secondly, it is to encourage co-production together with different discipline and experience an alternative pedagogical environment based on the interaction.


UrbanTank will continue Urban Components project in the near future, and initials seeds were planted during the invited workshop by Ege Mimarlık Magazine, whereas further open call was made for design, media and communication collaborations within the scope of the documentation and the intented web platform.

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