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What if your ideas were so light to float up in the air?


Bornova Municipality



Melis Varkal & Tuba Doğu



Nazlı Yatağan, Deniz Balık, Ebru Bengisu


Begüm Keke, İrem Pelit, Damla Keskin, Duhan Ölmez, Işınsu Dikmen, Özüm Karadağ, Taylan Küçükali, İdil Kantarcı, Emine Buran, Cansu Aran, Cansu Karakız, Melike Bakır, Esin Uçkun, Ceren Kocabıyık, İdil Kemahlıoğlu, Elçin Aksakal, Eda Kemahlıoğlu, Deniz Nur Çolak, Berkant Çağlar, Melike Futtu, Gizem Ceylanoğlu

December 2014 //  

Küçükpark (small park) used to be a green space situated in the collective memories of Izmir siders. However, today it is an abandoned public space, almost solely used for trespassing. The park has been underused for a long time, hence its revitalization became the current objective of Bornova Municipality.


In order to bring life to this space, Bornova Municipality offered a collaborative platform uniting civic and academic initiatives to trigger a participatory design process which is unique in Izmir. In this line, UrbanTank initiated BENCE Küçükpark project that aims to comprise events, workshops, public forums to enhance new ideas and receive prompt feedbacks as well as consults various interactive actions to collect demands and need of the public during the course of park’s redesign.

As the first step of the project, Cumulus installation was implemented on the site to examine peoples’ wishes and gratitudes written on papers. These papers in return, turned into a light mass resembling a cloud that floats in the air. The interactive single day installation which took place in Küçükpark in December 2014 held a participatory nature.

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