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DIS/ORDER Collective

based in Stockholm and Copenhagen

GET OUT OF HERE! is an urban game developed by the Swedish collective DIS/ORDER. The Izmir edition of the game took place in October 2018, as a part of Equal Spaces - a program accommodating a series of events organized by the Swedish Institute.

DIS/ORDER introduces the game as follows:

"GET OUT OF HERE! is a tool for a better understanding of public space. It is a deck of action cards that takes you around the city while challenging your preconceptions about what a city is and what it can be, how public space is used and who it is designed for. It unfolds urban structures, challenges habits, offers new methods for analysis and helps you to find new perspectives. It helps you to see the city through the eyes of other people. On a trip with GET OUT OF HERE! you will be following strangers, performing actions that make you feel uncomfortable and you will get a new view of appropriated public space.

GET OUT OF HERE! is based on the situationist way of criticising and understanding urban space by getting lost. To take an unfamiliar route and discover unfamiliar places. But getting lost is hard. It requires active disorientation. And that is what GET OUT OF HERE! offers."

Get Out of Here! workshop took place in Izmir together with DIS/ORDER; as a part of the exhibition Aiming for Democratic Architecture, produced by Architects Sweden and curated by Mycket for SI, on display at K2 in Izmir throughout October 2018.

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